Networks A2Z announces the addition of Mike Jordahl to their staff. Jordahl joins founders Joel Aslakson and Charles Zejdlik as service technician.

Technology A2Z, LLC announces the creation of its new networking division -- Networks A2Z. The new business serves commercial and residential customers in the Fargo, ND area with more than 50 years of combined technical expertise.
Networks A2Z is in business to help yours. We know what downtime means to your operation and bottom line. We know there are lots of places you can turn to for networking assistance, but doesn't it make sense to go to professionals with years of experience? And we're small enough to know you. Please take advantage of our introductory discount by calling us today. We'd like to win your trust, and we think our service and pricing will deliver the value you deserve.

Service. Service. Service. We offer on-site services, call-in remote diagnostics and assistance, preventive maintenance and computer training.

Our software developers can help you integrate your various systems and applications, or we'll write the apps to do the job.